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Experience untouched Winter splendour

Dream days at your Organic Hotel Stillebach in the Pitztal Valley in Tyrol

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  • Your Organic Hotel in the Pitztal Valley of the Tyrol situated right in the centre of a winter paradise

    Touring skiers, winter hikers and walkers and cross country skiers can enjoy the idyllic scenery away from the ski runs during their Winter Vacation in the Pitztal Valley of the Tyrol and wonder at the beauty of a sunny winter day. The air and the glittering snow cover seem to be crystalline. The water falls are frozen over and only the brave try out ice climbing and scrambling in the Pitztal Valley. Touring skiers recognise a welcome challenge on the Wildspitze Tour, which they master under the leadership of skilled mountain guides. The cross country skiing courses and the skating runs begin directly in front of your Organic Hotel Tyrol, when you can explore the whole of the Pitztal Valley. It will be peaceful and romantic during guided torchlight tours over the paths of the winter hiking- and walking runs all round your Organic Hotel in the Pitztal Valley of the Tyrol, or a sleigh rise together through the fairytale winter night.

  • Enjoy a sauna and relaxation at your Organic-Hotel in the Pitztal Valley of the Tyrol

    What could be better after a glorious day in the fresh winter air, and more beneficial than relaxation and regeneration in the sauna bath and the infrared cabin? Because warmth and cosiness are so important for us in winter, we invite you to take advantage of our wellness facilities.

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