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Energy spots all around your Organic Hotel in the Pitztal Valley of the Tyrol

Get into contact with the healing powers of intact natural surroundings

  • Ever since we can remember, people feel drawn to places where they can take in energy and find peace and quiet. Pilgrims and those seeking natural healing processes discovered such places, and churches and other ritual sites were founded thereon, and their value passed on from generation to generation. Even in the Pitztal Valley – the homeland of your Organic Hotel in Tyrol – such places are to be found, which succeed in re-fascinating again and again.

    Discover together with us the ‘Hexenstein’ (Witches’ Stone) a quite particular energy spot, to which your hostess Trudi will personally lead you. Join us when we go off to meditate at the water fall quite near by your Organic Hotel, and dip into the rich resources of Nature.

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Exclusively for your vacations during Summer

    • Guided hiking tours with Siggi, Rupert or Trudi, the Stillebach host
    • trips to special power spots
    • best and all organig cuisine
    • our idylic natural lake is close to the hotel
    • common fieldwork - learn more (available in German)
    • renatal of backpacks and sticks
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  • Feel the power of stillness – at your Organic-Hotel in the Tyrol and the Pitztal Valley

    Whoever can get very close to the sense of it, will feel, that the situation of our Organic Hotel im the Pitztal Valley of the Tyrol is a quite special place. The Stillebach location itself is a favoured energy spot. During meditations all together, we and you can approach these energies closely and can take in new powers. Our Establishment lies sheltered under the protection of imposing mountain ranges on a small natural lake, which also radiates peace and quiet in the same way as our Organic Hotel does itself. Summer and Winter, the natural energies of Nature are at work, corresponding to the characteristics of the seasons.

  • Our regular customers have come to love and appreciate this unique and free place of peace and quiet and find here a harbour of retreat, a hideaway where harmony and a good quality of life can be newly felt. You may also discover our Organic-Hotel Tyrol Pitztal Valley near the Pitztal Valley Glacier for yourselves. We look forward to greeting you.

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