Well-being and alkaline all round

It feels good to spend some time getting to know more about the topic “alkaline nutrition.” Involvement, cooking, exploring, and above all, taking home plenty of ideas—that’s what we want to inspire you for!
  • 7 overnight stays
  • 18 October 2020 - 02 November 2020
  • from € 751.00 per person
    (in the pine double room Stillebach)

Included services

  • 7 overnight stays
  • ORGANIC full board according to “alkaline fasting - the wacker-methode®.”
  • Introductory and nutritional talks
  • 2 alkaline foot baths
  • 2 liver compresses
  • 1 45-minute massage
  • 1 guided relaxation exercise
  • joint cooking session
  • Lecture with Marina about "Basenfasten mit Schüssler Salze" incl. Sabine Wacker's book

And of course, you benefit from all Stillebach included services with respect to your alkaline diet.