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Make someone special a pleasure

...for your birthday, Mother's Day, for Christmas

or maybe just for a special occasion.



Our Stillebach voucher

We create and ship handmade coupons.

Our Stillebach vouchers come on a small wooden board and are attached with a small bow. For completion and shipping, we need only a little time, if it must be particularly fast against, then we send you the coupon also like a pdf file.

You can discuss all individual wishes with us on the phone or by e-mail.

We like to do a lot.

We offer two types of vouchers:

1) vouchers

They call a budget between € 50, - and € 2,000, -. We print this value on the voucher and the recipient has two years to redeem the voucher. Applicable to all services of Biohotel Stillebach, incl. Kletterstadl and massages, baths, our restaurant Grünzeug and KAS offers.

2) Application vouchers
You choose a massage or a special application that you would like to give away. This makes perfect sense if you know that the person who is giving you a holiday is going to holiday with us and you want to sweeten it. Here you can choose from our massage or baths offer an application and we prepare you to the matching voucher.

We ask for your understanding that the voucher must be paid in full before we can send it and we have to charge the postage (by €5,50) extra. Thank you!

  • Pure Nature at all levels – in your Biohotel in Tyrol

    Even our leisure program includes nature and the organic philosophy. We invite you to enjoy your Summer Vacation in the Pitztal Valley as well as your Winter Vacation in the Pitztal Valley and to discover the amazing atmosphere and nature surrounding your Biohotel Stillebach. Hiking- and walking trails and cross country skiing trails start off just by the Hotel. You can also start off on your jogging- or walking excursions and your Nordic Walking trip – and relax afterwards in the Panorama Sauna and the Infrared cabin of our Biohotel in Tyrol. That means all-round wellness during your Vital Vacation in the Pitztal Valley.

  • A house full of tradition – Your Biohotel Stillebach in the Pitztal Valley of Tyrol 

    The originally name of our Biohotel near the Pitztal Valley glacier was "Wildspitzblick". It was already built decades ago at this beautiful place. The former host, family Walser, came from Wallis in Switzerland and found their new home in the Pitztal Vally of Tyrol. In 2009 Ms Trudi Melmer took over the Biohotel Stillebach and manages it with inspiring conviction. Trudi and Anna love country life, the closeness to the nature and the experiences with the guests.



  • Now book your vital holidays at our Biohotel Stillebach in the Pitztal Valley of Tyrol.  We are looking forward to hearing from you and welcoming you here. Go to online Enquiries.

    With the warmest greetings from the sunshine-blessed Biohotel Stillebach,

    Sincerely Yours, Trudi Melmer

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