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Base fasting the „wacker-method®“

„A gut feeling“


We host very nice and many guests.


We experience more and more people who have to deal with food intolerances also on vacation. We also know that very often our food is „sour“. With balanced dishes which have an basic effect we contribute to our healthiness. 


In our hotel we offer „base fasting“ according to the „wacker-method®“. Whether as a consequent cure for a few days or as a single dish – You always do something good to you. 


Do you want to try base fasting at our hotel in the Pitztal valley of Tyrol?




Further information


Base fasting – the method developed by Sabine Wacker is fasting with fruits and vegetables.


You can eat your fill and also enjoy. It is important that base fasting is always just for a definded period – a few days, one or a few weeks. During this cure you only eat basic foods like fresh fruits, salads, herbs, seedlings and vegetables. „Sour“ foods like meat, milk, bread, pasta, rice, sweets, pops and alcohol stress the metabolism and are an absolute no-no.


You are vegetarian or vegan and think you are not concerned?

You are wrong.



Also vegetarians and vegans can have a hyperacidity becaue not only animal products can be „sour“. All foods that are built into acids while digestion are acid generators.


 If the daily acid charge is too high the acids settle in the connective tissue and cause negatice health effects.


 Hyperacidity blocks the dispersion and makes loosing weight difficult. One or two weeks of base fasting operates toward these problems and helps you to preserve your healthiness. It is very important that you also change your eating habits at home to a basic nutrition: Fruits, salad and vegetables everyday!


 The whole team of the Biohotel Stillebach is experienced and knows all details of this cure. We are pleased to be your contact for all questions. Contact us and we devise you at our best. 




  • Pure Nature at all levels – in your Biohotel in Tyrol

    Even our leisure program includes nature and the organic philosophy. We invite you to enjoy your Summer Vacation in the Pitztal Valley as well as your Winter Vacation in the Pitztal Valley and to discover the amazing atmosphere and nature surrounding your Biohotel Stillebach. Hiking- and walking trails and cross country skiing trails start off just by the Hotel. You can also start off on your jogging- or walking excursions and your Nordic Walking trip – and relax afterwards in the Panorama Sauna and the Infrared cabin of our Biohotel in Tyrol. That means all-round wellness during your Vital Vacation in the Pitztal Valley.

  • A house full of tradition – Your Biohotel Stillebach in the Pitztal Valley of Tyrol 

    The originally name of our Biohotel near the Pitztal Valley glacier was "Wildspitzblick". It was already built decades ago at this beautiful place. The former host, family Walser, came from Wallis in Switzerland and found their new home in the Pitztal Vally of Tyrol. In 2009 Ms Trudi Melmer took over the Biohotel Stillebach and manages it with inspiring conviction. Trudi and Anna love country life, the closeness to the nature and the experiences with the guests.



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    With the warmest greetings from the sunshine-blessed Biohotel Stillebach,

    Sincerely Yours, Trudi Melmer

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