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Enjoy Vital Vacation at the Organic Hotel Stillebach in the Pitztal Valley of the Tyrol

Encounter Nature and its specialities with all your senses

  • Just as any other living thing, our Organic Hotel in the Tyrol has also grown up with its own history. It is with much pleasure and enthusiasm that we may seek to retain those seasoned and beautiful qualities of our Hotel and continue to renew these again for our guests. This glorious position of our Organic Hotel Stillebach amongst the peace and quiet all around in the picturesque landscape of the Pitztal Valley, is our best gift to our guests – and once accepted, you will sense the energy and the fullness of this quite unique place; you will experience sunny days and star studded nights quite near to the elements of Nature.

  • You may gaze with wonder at the only illuminated waterfall in the Pitztal Valley at the foot of majestic mountain scenery, which is waiting there to be discovered throughout the day when Hiking or Walking, Skiing, Cross country skiing, Mountain bikingSwimming or just when merely discovering the natural surroundings.

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  • Culinary delicacies inspired by the fullness of Nature – at the Biohotel in the Pitztal Valley in Tyrol

    Enjoyment and nature are skilfully combined together at our Biohotel kitchen. We just live what we love and will pamper you with all the best from the organic agricultural landscape, from our region and from the local bakers and smallholding farmers. Our culinary services can show themselves to be precious and substantial, well aware of their organic qualities and at the same time modern in all respects. Now look forward to glorious and natural enjoyments at your Biohotel Stillebach in the Pitztal Valley in Tyrol quite near by the Pitztal Valley Glacier.

  • Relaxation under the shelter of Nature – your Biohotel Stillebach in Tyrol

    The mountainous surroundings of the Pitztal Valley give us security and protection, grandeur and fortitude, and make the life here valuable and quite particular. For your perfect relaxation at our Biohotel in Tyrol, and to let yourself go and collect new energies, we have introduced and created a relaxation area with panorama sauna, infrared cabin and a boulder room. Just enjoy the feeling there of having arrived at your destination. After raking up hay together, after guided hiking- or walking tours full of experience to the most beautiful summits and upland summer pastures,

  • after mountain biking or other outdoor experiences, after a skiing experience in the Pitztal Valley or after a magical winter hike, you will find time to be quite on your own, take in warmth and re-awake your life-giving vitalities.

    Reserve your Vital Vacation now at our Biohotel in the tyrolean Pitztal Valley. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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